Turtle Bend Farm is a sustainable vegetable farm in Polk County, Georgia. Adam and Mecca Lowe are growing vegetables on approximately 7 acres of family farmland using ecological methods without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Our goal is to produce clean, healthy, fresh vegetables for our local communities while protecting and enhancing our local natural and social resources.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Farmers

Right now we are weekend farmers. We have been traveling up to Rockmart, GA from Auburn, AL every weekend for the past month or so to start working our field and getting the farm ready. Initially, we thought we would go work on some other farms this summer and start our own farm next year. My dad plowed the field for us because we were going to plant a cover crop of buckwheat to start preparing the field for next year. Once we saw that beautiful soil and beautiful surroundings, we decided to go ahead and start our farm this year. We figured that half of learning how to farm is learning at the particular piece of land you are farming with. Plus, we just bought a small house across the road from our field and just couldn't imagine going to live somewhere else with a perfectly good house sitting there. So, that's why we are currently farming on the weekends, but only for another two weekends. Adam's teaching job will be ending in a week and a half and after that he will be on the field full time. Mecca still has to finish up her master's thesis, but she will still be able to spend more time farming this summer.

So, last weekend we made some progress. Although it was still too wet to till and plant, we made some headway on our fence and will be able to finish it up this weekend. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera, so pictures will be up next week.

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