Turtle Bend Farm is a sustainable vegetable farm in Polk County, Georgia. Adam and Mecca Lowe are growing vegetables on approximately 7 acres of family farmland using ecological methods without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Our goal is to produce clean, healthy, fresh vegetables for our local communities while protecting and enhancing our local natural and social resources.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 brings new farm name, farm expansion

Over the past three years of growing our vegetable farm business, Adam and I have learned a tremendous amount. Yes, we have learned a great deal about actually growing vegetables, with still more to learn, but we have also learned about ourselves and our business. We move forward into our fourth year of production with a new farm name, Jackson Lowe Vegetable Farm. In our learning process, we realized that we want to be represented by a name that says exactly who we are and what we are. "Jackson" is Mecca's maiden name and that of a family with farming heritage on the very soil we cultivate. Lowe is Adam's family name, and also one with farming heritage, and in 2012, we will be producing on new Lowe farmland down the road. Both families have been integral in supporting our farming operation, and now with our little one- Silas Jackson Lowe, we hope we can honor those families and our own hard work by building a successful and meaningful business that represents hard work, integrity and community. Please join us in the 2012 season at our local farmers markets, in our vegetable subscription program, and on your own plots of land as we work towards a successful and bountiful 2012 season. Our new website is now up: www.jacksonlowevegetablefarm.com.


Adam, Mecca and Silas Lowe